Visa and work permits in Israel – immigration to Israel

Immigration to Israel and immigration law

Israel immigration policy is very strict.

If you are not Jewish (yourself, your parents or your grandparents), married to a Jew or to an Israeli citizen / resident, it will be almost impossible for you to obtain an Israeli citizenship.

 Israel does not have “Immigration laws” but there are three main laws that have direct influence on immigration policy in Israel:

  • The law of return (apply only if you are Jewish/ a son/ a grandson of a Jewish person)
  • The citizenship law
  • The entry in to Israel law

 At the last 10-15 years, there have been great changes at Israel government comprehension of the lack of laws concerning immigration problems.

 At the middle of the 90's Israel ministry of interior, decided to start issuing working permit's in the field of caregivers, in order to find a solution for disable Israeli citizen’s that needed care 24/7 .

 Every year the Israeli government approved hundreds of foreign workers, (mostly from Philippine but also from India, Nepal and ect') to come to Israel with a ready visa in order to take care of disable Israeli citizens which were holding a legal working permit, allowing them to employ a foreign caregiver.

Foreign worker that comes to Israel with a care-giving visa, allowed to work only as a caregiver.

Most of the caregivers that came to work in Israel are young & healthy people so the unavoidable happened - they met Israeli citizens and fall in love and ask to get visa upon the relation with an Israeli.

Our office have handled many cases like this and can help you too.

Some Israeli citizens came to Israel but still have families aboard; our office can learn your case and let you know what can be done in order to invite your family to live in Israel.

Our office can help you with any citizenship or visa question in Israel.