Friendship Visa – Visa upon relations with an Israeli spouse

From 2005 the ministry on interior in Israel recognized the right of an Israeli to live with a foreigner, without marriage, and by doing that, the foreigner could receive an Israeli working visa upon this relationship with an Israeli citizen ("friendship visa").

The working visa upon "friendship" is an unrestricted B/1 visa.

 Up to 2008 the ministry of interior, insisted that if the foreigner were not legal in Israel (which was most cases) as a condition for him/her to apply for a visa upon a relationship with an Israeli, he/her had to leave Israel and only after he/her left, the Israeli spouse had the right to invite him/her back to Israel, after applying all necessary documents to the Israeli ministry of interior.

Because foreigners were worried he/she could not come back to Israel after he/she will leave (our office have brought many foreigners of Israeli couple back to Israel after many years they have been not legal and sometimes after they have been deported from Israel by immigration authorities) many couples didn’t apply  to the ministry of interior to do so and just continued living together and the foreigner stayed in Israel without visa .

At 2006 the Supreme Court in Israel ruled that the ministry of interior demand that an illegal foreigner will leave Israel, as a condition to apply for the visa with an Israeli spouse, is not fair and not proportional, and canceled this demand.

With the cancelation of this demand, many foreigners started applying for the visa upon relations with an Israeli; most of them were not legal for many years.

Because of many applications of this kind, the ministry of interior started to be very strict with handling the applications and with the checks, they do for each couple, until a point, they started to reject most of these visas, even if the couple were living together for many years.

Moreover, if until 2009 the Marital Status of the foreigner did not have any influence and did not take part in the conditions for the friendship visa, after 2009, the ministry of interior start demanding that the marital status of both Israeli and the foreigner will be available (single, divorce or widow).

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Our law office has accompanied many couples in this procedure since 2004. Even in the most difficult cases, our office managed to get the visa for the couple.

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